I have taken classes from many teachers over a long time span. Rahel is one of the best teacher’s I have ever encountered. I am always in awe of her teaching skills. She is not only an amazing performer, but she really knows how to impart the vast knowledge she has of all aspects of the dance. And, she obviously cares about her students and tries her utmost to make sure she is helping her students not only learn, but grow in their dancing. Combine all this with a sense of humour and boundless energy and good will, you have Rahel. I highly recommend her as a teacher and a performer.

- Linda Baxter

Rahel’s combination of yoga with meditation has brought me physical and mental health, and an over all feeling of well being. Speaking in her soft mellifluous voice, she provides caring and great instructions for each movement, making us aware of every part of our body and mind while providing modifications where necessary. Having the class online means I can do it on my own time if I can’t do when scheduled. Better yet, I can replay it in the following weeks. I always feel rejuvenated and ready to continue the rest of my day with a more relaxed attitude and mindfulness. I highly recommend Yoga with Rahel.

- Vivian C

I have been taking Rahel’s bellydance class for a few years now and I notice that I have improved my posture as well as my dancing! I love how Rahel also teaches mindfulness, and visualizations (i.e. “water balloon in your armpit”, “grinding with a mortar and pestle”, “barbie arms” are just a few ..lol). I have taken the beginner’s belly dance class, the drills class, and the fitness class and they are all unique and complimentary of each other. There’s definitely classes that will suit your needs!

- Rosie

I found a truly needed joy in Rahel’s choreography class; It helped me boost my self-esteem, and release boredom stress in my own space. It’s another level of feeling empowered and detoxicated, yet joyful as well- I’m grateful that I’ve found it!

- Sara Ismael

Rahel is an amazing teacher. She is so thoughtful, enthusiastic and encouraging. What she does isn’t only teaching dance, she brings spirituality to class. I’m so happy to get to know her and I really enjoy dancing with her.❤️

- Sanaz

Rahel’s bellydance classes are amazing! She is a detailed and organized instructor. I can feel the passion and care put into each class. Her positive energy is inspiring every time. I’m looking forward to taking more classes with her.

- Kelli

After being active most of my life I started working an office job where I was sitting all day every day. I started feeling ugly and hating the way my body looked and felt. I tried ballet, as I had always wanted to do ballet since I was little and got injured (hip pains), which reinforced my disconnection with my body and every time I was doing physical activity, I was just trying to push my body and I was hurting myself even more (hip again, lower back and knees). When Rahel started giving online classes, I remembered how my heart warmed every time I was bellydancing when I was taking classes with her during my studies in Vancouver. While I had always missed her classes, I was now living in another city and other bellydance classes I had tried did not make me feel the same way. When I started taking bellydance and then fitness and conditioning classes with Rahel again, it not only provided a relief from my stressful job but I started feeling strong again. Not only physically but little by little I learnt how to listen and to reconnect with my body. Today, even though I don’t think my body changed visually (I haven’t changed the way I eat or anything else), it is my friend again, I feel good, stronger (I see the difference carrying my groceries… haha) and most importantly, I like its shape and how it feels again, I don’t feel ugly anymore (most of the time).

- Gaelle

I love Rahel’s workout classes. Rahel’s enthusiastic and humorous personality makes each class uplifting, challenging and fun. She if very engaging and and always positive, at the same time she really cares about her clients and provides a healthy approach to her workouts. She constantly switches up the class so I never get bored, and always provides suggestions and modifications for every movement, allowing me to reach my fitness goals or taking it easy when needed. Best part I can have a great workout in the comfort of my own home without needing any gym equipment.

- Vivian

It’s almost been a year for me since I joined Rahel’s bellydance classes, and I can say it’s been a great journey. Her classes are so much fun and she makes sure she hears everyone and answers all questions and concerns. Her jokes will lighten up your mood after a busy day. I am so glad that I found her and honestly I couldn’t ask for a better teacher for bellydancing than her. She is Amazing!!!

- (with Shimmies) Jasmine

I have been taking classes with Rahel since 2016. I started with beginner belly dancing and now I am taking several of them from yoga to technique to drills. Pre-pandemic, I enjoyed the in-person classes very much – they ranged from high-energy to mindful and joyful movement. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Rahel’s online classes are a highlight during the week bringing movement, connection, and joy to a challenging time. I have found her classes are so beneficial on so many levels and I have personally developed more flexibility, strength, body acceptance, and body appreciation. Rahel brings to her classes extensive knowledge and deep respect for the Middle Eastern people and cultures that have created and continue to evolve Raqs sharqi. I highly recommend her classes!

- Katherine

I’ve always been a bit self-conscious about my tummy and started taking Rahel’s classes in hopes that bellydance would free me from this insecurity. Rahel creates a safe space to celebrate all bodies and have fun together. Now I love feeling my core moving my body, it feels strong, and I even like looking in the mirror when we dance – really it’s perfectly fine just the way it is!

Rahel’s teaching style is the perfect mix of technical breakdown, creative analogies to help visualize how the movement should feel, and clear corrections, combined with a supportive, fun and playful approach. Sometimes the moves feel like a tongue twister for my brain, but eventually the drills get into my body and I can just let loose and enjoy. Rahel is a beautiful dancer to follow in class and it’s a joy to learn from her.

- Lillian

I have taken both Rahel’s Drills class and Techniques class over the past year. As someone with little previous dance experience, I have been impressed with how much I have learned. I am a fitness professional, and appreciate Rahel’s commitment to explaining things with correct anatomical language, and taking the time to highlight safe & correct posture / alignment and movement techniques. However, Rahel manages to balance technical explanations with colourful imagery and funny metaphors. She has a great sense of humour- a natural teacher 🙂

- Justine

Rahel engages students in the culture of belly dance in a way that instills a beautiful respect and honour for the traditions and origins of this amazing dance. She has a light and fun style of teaching and is encouraging for all students learning to move their bodies in new ways. I have found so much freedom in being present in my body and loving and enjoying all of the sensations of moving in new ways!

- Sarah

Rahel teaches belly dance with a goal towards precision and empowerment. She is a master in her craft, but encourages everyone to join in at their own level and work at the level that suits them best. She uses great visuals and metaphors to help us find the target muscle that we need to flow into one isolation or another. It is challenging work, but so satisfying when I see my body transforming into the dancer I want to become. Thanks so much, Rahel!

- Paula

Thank you for your energy, compassion, kindness, generosity and advocacy. I love how you share every single trick and tip behind your art.

- Michelle

I have danced various styles all my life. I found Rahel in 2012 while living in Vancouver for a year and had virtual access to her again in 2020 with the pandemic. Rahel is a very transparent, authentic and talented dancer and teacher. She provides clear instruction with many visual aids and interesting metaphors to explain the concepts. She fosters connection and support between students in class as well as between class using group messaging. She provides education and clarification about cultural context and ethical dance practices. Her feedback is always uplifting and encouraging with a little area to focus on for improvement. I find her overall approach to be empowering and focused on self acceptance. Her classes are my self-care, it is the time of the week where I can get out of my busy mind and foster the mind-body connection. I highly recommend trying her classes 🙂

- Trishia Unrau

This winter I had the pleasure of joining Rahel’s online dance classes. I was excited to learn new choreo and get a little more technical with my movements. Did I end up getting so much more out of these classes? Heck yes!! Rahel is a teacher of dance, philosophy, musicality, spirituality and politics. It is all woven into the fabric of her inspired and fun filled classes. While enjoying my first beach day of the season this year, my best friend asked if she could snap a quick photo of me in my bikini. I shocked myself not only by NOT objecting, but even struck a few relaxed poses. This would be the first time (since childhood) that I have reacted to (even the idea of) a beach photo without anxiety.

When the pictures were sent to me later that evening, I was so delighted to see this confident smiling woman with such improved posture! I attribute this overall boost to my self esteem to the reconnection with self and body – this embodiment that I learned, unconsciously, through the joyful movement and evolving conversations found in Rahel’s wonderful dance classes. The only good thing to come out of covid’s lockdowns, has been the opportunity to transform my living room into a joyful dance space / virtual community.

Thanks, Rahel, this new found gratitude for my body, as it is right now, has become the glow up I never knew I needed.

- Grace

Rahel is such a great belly dancing teacher. I took beginner classes back in 2018 for 6 months but then moved out of Vancouver to Ontario regretting that I could not be able to take Rahel’s classes. During the pandemic I got the opportunity to take her online classes (for a year now) and I feel that i have learned a lot. I am grateful to Rahel for detailed explanation of moves in her technique classes, her fun and challanging drill classes and her relaxing Yoga classes. If you like to learn and have fun at the same time join her classes!

- Nasim

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