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To Rahel, being an ethical, respectful and culturally sensitive ambassador and guest to this dance form is of the the utmost importance. Part of Rahel’s mission as a teacher is to accurately and respectfully represent this dance form, educate others on issues of cultural appropriation, Orientalism, and colonialism, and to do her part to fight against racism and bigotry within and outside the dance community.

Before learning any movements, new students must learn about bellydance history and cultural context. They must be exposed to the issues of racism, patriarchy, and cultural appropriation that have been and continue to be rampant in regards this dance. Students are also encouraged to do additional reading or research (and are provided with resources to do so), to travel to and study in countries of origin when possible, to seek out authentic sources and representation, and to approach the dance with sensitivity and curiosity, especially if they are not from the culture.

Rahel stands for inclusion, equality, anti-racism, body positivity, feminism, love and kindness. Rahel priorities the health and safety of her students, and wants everyone to feel welcome, accepted, safe, seen and heard.

 Bigotry or discrimination towards BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour), MENATH (Middle Eastern, North African, Turkish and Helenic) people, immigrants, Muslim people, Jewish people, Trans people, non-binary people, LGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities,  or anyone who is different because of their religion, race, nationality, creed, sexual preferences etc. as well as slut shaming, body shaming, etc will NOT be tolerated.

All bodies are beautiful, and everyone deserves equal rights and respect.

Rahel has taken her entire business online until the end of the pandemic. Social distancing is the cool thing to do these days! Be cool kids! Stay at home…BUT! Keep dancing, moving, sweating and breathing to stay happy and healthy and keep your immune system up! private lessons available in person.

Live streaming online group classes available at set times.
Private classes available by appointment. Group classes considered private when there are less than 6 people for bellydance or 5 people for yoga.
Pre-recorded, downloadable material coming soon too!

Times are all in PDT
Prices are all in CAD
All prices subject to GST.
DROP INS ALLOWED for certain classes, and/or for returning students, or with special permission,
To register for a group class or book a private lesson email Rahel at
NOTE: New students to Rahel will have to purchase 90 min of mandatory material on posture, alignment, bellydance history and cultural context. Normally $30 value but buy as a package for only $10 when you register for a class!

Click on the Bellydance Class page for more details for Summer Bellydance, Yoga, and Fitness classes online!

Click on the Bellydance Class page for more details for Summer Bellydance, Yoga, and Fitness classes online!


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